Our FAQ has all the information you need to know about our roofing services. From types of roofing materials to installation and repair, we’ve got you covered.

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We understand that your roof is a vital part of your home, and we want to help you keep it in top condition. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our roofing services. Here, you can learn more about what we do, how we do it, and how we can help you.

At first glance, you can see common roofing issues such as:

  • Any signs of water in the home (ceiling stains, wall stains, mold, etc.)
  • Shingles sticking up.
  • Spots on the shingles (these can be “blisters” and even hail damage).
  • When your shingles have shiny white outlines around them or an almost shiny look to the shingle.
  • Missing shingles.
  • Exposed roof components that look out of place.
  • Cracks or rust spots on the surface of the metal sheets.

You can’t always see issues with your roof at first glance. Sometimes you may have rotten plywood or decking, a popped nail, pipe cracking and other things you can’t easily identify from the ground or even on top of the roof. You may even have a moldy/damp smell in the attic.
If it’s been 5-10 years since your last replacement, it’s a great idea to have someone complete a roof and attic inspection to make sure the roof is holding up like it should.

Set up a roof inspection with a roofing expert! Sometimes all your roof needs is a simple repair. Sometimes what looks like a simple repair is a catastrophe waiting to happen. That is why it is super important to have an expert identify the exact cause of the leak. Once you properly diagnose the cause you can properly identify the solution. 

Our staff and inspection team is trained to both identify problems as well as solutions and help you determine the right path for you as a homeowner. Replacing an entire roof can be expensive so you want to be sure that a simple fix isn’t all your home really needs.

Most roofs do have warranties. However, they vary from product to product and company to company. Each product typically has a different warranty and length.

Our IKO Dynasty shingles, for example, carry a best in class 15 year full warranty for manufacturing defects and up to 130 mph winds. The entire warranty is for 40 years but becomes reduced after that 15th year. Most other manufacturers only offer full warranty up to 10 years before reduction.

Aside from the manufactural warranties that the products provide, we also provide a 10 year workmanship warranty when we complete a full roof replacement.

There are several different types of shingles and the truth is that even in the last 15 years shingle and roofing technology has changed drastically! The most common roofs have asphalt shingles but there are even huge differences in quality between those.

The lowest quality common shingles are called three tab shingles. They have the appearance of being the exact same size and shape.

three tab shingles

They are very inexpensive and very common on older homes. They don’t last very long (generally 5-10 years in Texas) and they don’t perform very well due being such thin material. Check this list of roofing materials, from the most affordable to the most expensive!

architectural shingles

The next most common shingle is architectural shingles. These are much higher quality shingles in general and can have lifespans from 10-20 years (in Texas) depending on the brand and quality.

stone coated metal shingles

The future of roofing is stone coated metal shingles! Although we are one of the few companies in Texas that actually carry and specialize in installing stone coated metal shingles, they are catching on like wildfire and they can have lifespans of up to 50 years. They provide a much more cost efficient roof that is also a huge step up in quality from a traditional shingle. The best part is metal shingles come in a variety of shapes so they can give you a traditional shingle look all the way up to a clay or wood shake roof.

Almost all roof replacements take one day. It’s rare that a roof replacement takes longer than a single day. The goal in any roof replacement is to complete it as soon as possible to avoid any potential of water getting into the home.

A full roof replacement from Texas Stag is removing all of the old shingles, underlayment, pipe jacks, flashing, etc. (full tear off right down to the decking) and then install of the new product. New install entails replacing decking if necessary, ice and water application (valleys and eaves), underlayment, brand new pipe jacks, brand new flashing, ridge ventilation, shingle install and finally hip and ridge install.

Last thing…

Not every product is a quality product. Not every roofer does quality work. We are local homeowners ourselves so we prioritize doing the highest quality work and putting the type of roofing products on our clients homes that we would feel comfortable putting on our own homes. We don’t use cheap materials and we won’t always be your lowest price but we do promise to deliver affordable prices on the highest quality products that will both stand and pass the test of time.


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